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Race: Succubi/Incubi

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Race: Succubi/Incubi

Post  Thelavaking on Sun Jan 01, 2012 8:51 am

☆ Succubi/Incubi

★ Description:
☆ A Succubi/Incubi appearance isn't very dissimilar from its human form. The only factors that really change are the growth of long nails, bat wings, and a thin, dark grey tail along with their ears becoming pointed.

☆ When not transformed a Succubi/Incubi main ability is it's seduction powers which they uses to control the opposite sex like marionettes. When transformed, they gain the ability to fly, and their strength is increased. In the manga, Succubi/Incubi have the power to alter reality in the eyes of the target. It is implied that there is a scale of "experience" which rates a Succubi/Incubi power.

★ Basic Abilities:
☆ Pheromones (Ability to attract a being to them.)
☆ Mind Control

★ Basic Attitude:
☆ A race of cold beings who tend enjoy using their opposite sex for 'Fun'.

★ Basic Living Environment:
☆ Basically anywhere.

★ Basic Body Build:
☆ Various


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