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Monster Class Ranks

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Monster Class Ranks

Post  Thelavaking on Sun Jan 01, 2012 9:50 am

S - S Class monsters are ledgendary monsters with true power to recon with. S class monsters aer vertual unmatched by any other monsters and extreamly rare and hard to find. S class monsters have extreamly powerful abilitys and are very hard to defeat, thus giving thair reputation as ledgendary.

A - A Class monsters again are preety rare and hard to come by. They are also very powerful and alot stronger than B class monsters. They usualy have extream abilities that give them great power but somtimes have a weakness that can be exploited.

B - B class monsters are still quite strong and will have low level manipulation and extream abilities but either lack large ammounts of energy or cannot fight for long. B class monsters are generaly fairly hard to find but are nowhere near as strong as A class monsters dispite still being quite strong.

C - C class monsters are generaly a slightly stronger than avrage class of monster and are not especialy rare. thair abilities usualy alter the body shape or are individual attacks rather than a large ammount of powers and abilities.

D - D class monsters are average monsters and fairly common and not perticularly powerful. Thair abilitys consist of small body changing abilities or shape shifting but do not make them dramiticaly stronger. D class monsters are the most common class of monster.

E - E class monsters are generaly weak. thair abilities are not usualy used for fighting and they are not especialy strong. a E class monster is not much stronger than a human.

F - F class monsters are at the same level as a fuman and very weak. their abilites are so weak they are almost unoticable and they certainly cound not fight against other monsters of a higher rank.


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